Deadweight Trolley

The SAS Deadweight Trolley (DWT) is a flexible, versatile and cost effective alternative to fixed anchor points and can be used safely in many applications including:

  • Rope access technicians
  • Lifeline or cradle installation teams
  • Short duration work on roofs such as cleaning, painting or inspections
  • Emergency rescue
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The SAS Deadweight Trolley was the first on the market to be fully tested for use and carry full CE marking on the whole product and not just the eye-bolts.

Designed specifically to be used behind a parapet wall and/or other suitable and structurally sound construction capable of lateral and compression forces.

The SAS Dead Weight Trolley provides a portable suspension anchor for personnel concerned with rope access and fall arrest.

Easy to assemble, simple to move from one location to another and invaluable in situations where a rescue has become necessary.

No risk of damage to surfaces – there is no need to penetrate the roof surface/membrane or make alterations to building aesthetics when using the SAS Deadweight Trolley.

Each DWT weighs 178kg in total, is entirely portable with each component weighing approximately 25kg.

Once assembled the unit can be manoeuvred effortlessly by one person, and will easily fit into a lift, as it only has a footprint of 400 x 500mm

All joints are welded (no nuts or bolts are used in the framework’s construction), ensuring that the trolley is immensely strong and more than capable of dealing with the demanding nature of its working environment.

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178 KGS


Powder coated mild steel


250 KGS

Rated to:

15 KN

Conforms to:

EN 795:2012