We are delighted to be able to bring our customers the RidgeGear RGH12 Climbing Harness and the RidgeGear RGH14 Two Point Adventure - Full Climbing Harness.

RidgeGear are one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of height safety equipment and safety harnesses in the UK and we are proud to work with RidgeGear in offering these harnesses to our clients.

These harnesses are designed for high ropes operators and climbing gyms who need easy access and easily adjustable harnesses for climbers. 

RidgeGear RGH12 Climbing Harness

RidgeGear RGH12 Climbing Harness

The RGH12 Climbing Harness is a lightweight and comfortable solution for climbing and other leisure activities. 

It has a step-in design that allows for speedy donning and adjustment for users.

It also comes complete with a central belay loop for attachment to safety ropes.

The rear elastic loops ensure optimum comfort and are replaceable when subject to excessive wear. 

RGH12 Climbing Harness Half Body

RGH12 Harness Specifications

  • Accredited to: EN12277:2015 Type C
  • Web material: 45mm polyester
  • Fittings: Steel
  • Weight: 0.5kg
RGH12 Climbing Harness Key Features

Key Features of the RGH12 Climbing Harness:

  • Fully adjustable

  • Colour-coded webbing

  • Easy donning

  • Front attachment point

  • Tool loop

For more information, you can download the full product details of the RGH12 Climbing Harness here.

The RGH14 Two Point Adventure - Full Climbing Harness

RidgeGear RGH14 Adventure Harness from SafeClimb

The RidgeGear RGH14 Adventure harness has been specifically designed to cater for a wide age and size variance.

Due to the nature of outdoor activity centres, it is colour coded to ensure quick size allocation and is the perfect harness for any recreational use. The harness is also designed to ensure that once it has been donned it is difficult to take off unless assisted by an instructor.

RGH14 Adventure Harness  Shown on a mannequin.

RGH14 Harness Specifications

  • Accredited to: EN 12277:2015 Type A & B
  • Web material: 45mm water repellent polyester
  • Fittings: High tensile steel alloy fittings
  • Weight: Extra Small - 0.78kg
  • Small - 0.85kg
  • Standard - 0.90kg 
RGH14 Adventure Harness Key Features - offered by SafeClimb

Key Features of the RGH14 Adventure Harness:

    • Fully adjustable
    • Colour-coded webbing
    • Easy donning
    • Front and rear attachment points
    • Tool loop

    For more information, you can download the RGH14 - Two Point Adventure Full Climbing Harness here.

    For enquiries about the RGH12 or RGH14 Climbing Harnesses, please get in touch with us on +44 (0) 333 200 2602.

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