A Frame Trolley

SAS A-Frame Trolley provides a portable suspension anchorage system for industrial rope access and fall arrest purposes, conforms to EN 795:2012. It has a safe working load (SWL) of 250kg with built in shock absorber.

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The SAS A-Frame Trolley enables rope access to workers where fixed anchor points are limited or too expensive to install.

Incredibly easy to install without damaging surfaces or making alterations to building aesthetics.

The A-Frame Trolley is easy to move, so reduces the need for re-rigging.

The complete SAS A-Frame Trolley can be dismantled into 7 sections it is totally portable..

Additional information


390 KGS


250 KGS


Powder coated mild steel

Rated to

15 KN

Conforms to:

EN 795:2012