Reaching New heights. How Auto Belays Can Boost Your Business.

by | May 20, 2019 | Auto Belay |

<How Auto Belays can Boost Your Business

An auto belay system is great for getting new joiners to leisure clubs into climbing quickly. Climbers can start slowly learning how to climb before going into the more technical aspects of belaying and rope work. Auto belays are great for climbing gyms, leisure facilities, schools, or industrial training facilities and can give your business an added boost to your membership and your profits.

Here’s why...

Increase Throughput

Bouldering (climbing without any ropes); lead-climbing (using ropes and a harness with no anchor); top roping (climbing with a rope anchored above you); and belaying (where a belayer supports the lead climber with a safety rope) all provide great activities but require significant training and additional climbing partners. Auto belay increases your climbing wall range of activities - without the need for support climbers or lots of hours of training.

Increase daily use customers

Auto belays also ensure that you can operate at maximum capacity without having to worry about the additional staff. Group sessions can easily be managed with a single member of staff coaching.

Increase new climbers

Auto belays make climbing accessible for all levels and abilities because you do not need a belay partner. Newcomers can very quickly get up and running with the knowledge that there is a safe system to control their descent or fall.

Increase number of solo climbers

For serious climbers who want to increase their skill level, they also do not have to rely on a partner and can instead work on their own to increase grades, build endurance and improve their technique.

Maximise your off-peak

Climbers can do laps and push themselves in quick drill sessions during off-peak where previously they would have been unable to.

Make climbing part of a fitness class

A climbing wall can now feature in fitness classes as auto belays enable users to simply clip and climb with some minimal instruction.

Reduce stress during peak time

During holiday periods or after school, you can ensure that your climbing wall is maximising its earning potential without any additional overhead costs or safety implications. Auto belays are great for managing large group sessions like corporate events, birthday parties or school training programmes.

Keep changing up your routes

Auto belays enable you to keep your climbing facilities generating repeat business. This is because you can easily change your auto belay routes to provide different ascents. Frequent route setting ensures that your facilities are always exciting, always a new challenge and keep visitors coming back again and again.

We believe auto belays are a great addition to recreational centres, climbing centres and training facilities as it provides you with multiple options for programming, training and fitness classes.

We love climbing and are passionate about safety. We can help you find the right climbing wall for your facility and provide auto belays and all other climbing equipment through For more information about the Safedown Auto Belay, contact Liza or Scott on +44 (0)333 200 2602 to find out how our SafeClimb can become your climbing partner.