Kids climbing the walls? Benefits of getting children climbing

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Getting children into climbing can offer more benefits than just physical. We look at the benefits that climbing can bring for young children.

Sometimes it's a struggle to find cheap activities for young pre-school/primary age children. And when the British summers are typically wet, getting children outdoors to get enough exercise can prove difficult.

The Solution? Get Children Into Climbing

Indoor climbing offers a host of benefits from physical agility to social and mental skills. It's why 400,000 children a year are now climbing.

Indoor climbing is a great sport that young children can take part in and from as little as £8. For an hour's session, children can very quickly experience climbing and have a fun experience.

What are the benefits of climbing for young children?

Coordination & agility

Climbing can really boost young children’s agility and motor skills. Plus it is much safer than traditional contact sports thanks to developments in climbing equipment and the use of auto belays to control descent and protect against falls.

Problem Solving

"Climbing requires a lot of problem-solving, mental concentration and focus, so it helps sharpen your brain. A lot of people like it as it allows you to escape everyday worries and just focus on the climb. It also can give a great sense of achievement."

The British Mountaineering Council.

Climbing up a wall, picking the right hold and solving problems and choose new paths helps strengthen logical thinking and creative thinking. The World Economic Forum has declared ‘complex problem solving’ the key skill needed by 2020 in the global workforce. What better way to develop this skill - than with climbing.

Concentration and focus

Parents are constantly worried about the effects of technology on children. The use of phones, tablets, instant streaming of cartoons and the availability of online games are all having their effect on our ability to concentrate and single task. Climbing, however, encourages deep focus and single-tasking - a skill which can be applied to school and eventually work.


Climbing is one of the only sports to use the majority muscle groups. Climbing helps develop strong arms, legs, core as well as boosting  cardiovascular fitness.

Build self-esteem

Climbing is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking on the next challenge - an activity which is great for building a young person’s self-esteem. Some climbing centres will also offer NICAS or NIBAS schemes to help young climbers structure their climbing and gain accreditation and a sense of achievement through awards.


Getting young children into climbing also enhances social skills as young climbers need to be able to communicate with others, trust climbing instructors and work as part of a team.

Boost academic performance

As well as physical ability, some schools have used climbing walls to teach science and maths to children. A report compiled by Newcastle University and ASK found that children that participated in sports had boosted social, emotional and academic performance.

“Attendance at organised physical activities or sports clubs between ages 5 and 11 was associated with positive academic outcomes.” (Newcastle University and ASK, p11)

Career opportunities

Climbing skills have real-world application and can provide young children with an insight into career options across the indoor and outdoor at-height industries and roles in rope access and instruction.

Getting kids into climbing is a great skill to boost social, mental and physical skills. It can help young children develop resilience and cognitive problem solving - but above all - it’s fun too.


We love climbing and are passionate about safety. If you are looking to maximise your climbing wall and get more children into climbing, we can provide a range of auto belays, climbing equipment as well as maintenance and servicing support.

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